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Threat IntelligenceThreat Intelligence


November 2, 2023

The vast world of cyber threats is constantly changing and evolving, only an adaptive and very reactive approach to determining breaches and dangers can hope to make a difference.

New LPD: protection and privacy watchwordsNew LPD: protection and privacy watchwords


September 8, 2023

The new Swiss Data Protection Act (nLPD) is an opportunity for companies to strengthen trust and security

AI e data privacyAI e data privacy


June 29, 2023

20 luglio 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently made a big leap and with the advent of ChaptGPT it is today one of the topics of greatest interest in the field of technological innovation. Everyone talks about it!

Presentation Cyber Security Specialist CoursePresentation Cyber Security Specialist Course


May 3, 2023

15 maggio 2023

The ATED association, of which we are proud sponsors Diamond, is about to launch a new specialization course in Cyber Security in the Canton of Ticino.

New LPD: only four months to comply... Here's what to do, in practice!New LPD: only four months to comply... Here's what to do, in practice!


April 26, 2023

26 Aprile 2023

On 1 September, the New Data Protection Law comes into force. There are only a few months left to comply, and Siro Migliavacca of Security Lab Advisory explains how to be compliant

The new LPD is a great successThe new LPD is a great success


January 30, 2023

The event organised last Thursday 26th at the Hotel Lugano Dante by Security Lab Advisory and AITI (Associazione Industrie Ticinesi) on the new Federal Data Protection Act ('LPD') was a great success.

New Security Awareness course 2023New Security Awareness course 2023


December 12, 2022

New Security Awareness course 2023. Engaging and interactive teaching for a flexible and effective learning experience

New LPD courseNew LPD course


October 20, 2022

To learn about the main regulatory changes, requirements and obligations, we invite you to follow our e-learning training course

Moodle from school to businessMoodle from school to business


March 30, 2022

Training bets on digital formats with paths such as Moodle2Grow suitable for all types of organisations.

Who is Moodle this unknown - 20minuti.chWho is Moodle this unknown -


March 29, 2022

On we talk more about Moodle2Grow and about the event on 6 April

LPD: what changes for companies? - Ticino ManagementLPD: what changes for companies? - Ticino Management


March 18, 2022

Technological developments have forced a complete revision of the Federal Data Protection Act. Companies must comply with the provisions by the beginning of 2023.

Moodle the future of training - 20minuti.chMoodle the future of training -


March 15, 2022 also talks about Moodle2Grow and about the event on 6 April

Training bets on new formats - Tio.chTraining bets on new formats -


March 9, 2022

The pandemic has triggered a virtuous process of digital evolution also in the training. Read the article

New horizons for trainingNew horizons for training


March 9, 2022

Register for the presence event to be held on 6 April in the renovated conference centre of the prestigious Hotel Dante in Lugano

Moodle2Grow is born to create value in the companyMoodle2Grow is born to create value in the company


February 2, 2022

Elearning Atelier recently launched Moodle2Grow, a training course for Moodle integration and management.

Security Lab moves premisesSecurity Lab moves premises


October 29, 2021

Security Lab moves to new premises on Corso Pestalozzi in Lugano