Security Lab Group

Security Lab Group was founded in Lugano in 2004 as a company highly skilled in Cyber Security services covering all dimensions of Cyber risk reduction and management.

The group consists of two companies, Security Lab SA, which deals with the technological aspects of Cyber Security, and Security Lab Advisory Sagl, which deals with organisational, governance and compliance aspects.

Our Cyber, Advisory, Virtual Solutions, e-Learning Atelier, and Web Design Atelier teams, together with several external consultants and some high value-added partnerships, work together to cover the multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary needs of the Cyber Security world.

The group counts among its clients organisations operating in the finance, banking, industry, chemical and pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, information technology and public administration sectors in Ticino and the rest of the world.

Security Lab's constant activity of monitoring the world of digital crime and the underground scene, laws, regulations and best practices allows it to combine a methodological approach with the knowledge derived from continuous research on vulnerabilities and digital crimes.

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